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Mauro Dragoni

  • SKYPE: dragonigt
  • Phone: 0461314053
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

April 2006:
MSc degree in Computer Science.
Thesis: Reasoning in Description Logics with Fuzzy Quantifiers and Evolutionary Algorithms

March 2010:
Ph.D. in Computer Science.
Thesis: Computational Intelligence Methods for Improving Information Retrieval



MoKi - the MOdelling WiKI

TeX-OWL - a Latex-Style Syntax for authoring OWL 2 ontologies

Multi-Domain Fuzzy Sentiment Analyzer Demo:
Tool (version 2.25) [Download]
Property file (to be deployed in the same folder of the .jar executable [Download]
Results on the complete version of the Blitzer dataset (Elementary Task) [Download]

Research interests
Ontologies Information Retrieval Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis Business Process Modeling Sentiment Analysis