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Scientific goal of the project is to investigate innovative IT solutions supporting a collaborative and agile approach for modeling and monitoring processes.
On the technological side, objective of the project is to build and test a prototype platform, created by extending, specializing, and integrating existing platforms ASTRO and MoKi, which supports the management process in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions developed and steering and subsequent engineering.
Finally, industrial objective of the project is to extend the range of SayService, currently limited to technological and information technology solutions covering aspects of modeling and analysis process.

From the scientific point of view, the main issues to be addressed in the project include research, development, development, and testing of solutions available:

  • Tools for modeling the organization and its processes. These tools must support a collaborative modeling approach allowing the flexible definition and adapted to the specificities of domain of the Public Administration (PA), and must be sufficiently expressive to allow the processes to bind to the underlying systems and services that support the execution.
    ProMo build these tools by extending the solutions based on semantic and conceptual modeling provided by MoKi.
  • Tools for the monitoring of services and information systems within the PA, which are able to remove and collect, as smoothly as possible, all the information related to the execution of a process.
    Despite the incomplete and fragmentary nature of this information and the extreme heterogeneity of the systems where remove them, ProMo build these tools by extending the solutions based on IT-oriented services provided by ASTRO.
  • Tools for tying process models with information about their performances, allowing the analysis to highlight deviations from the requirements and what has been achieved and supporting the optimization.
    ProMo develop innovative solutions that allow you to build a process trace, that is, a coherent and integrated model of all the information on the execution of a process that can be queried to extract information about the behavior of the process.

Expected Results
The main expected results are of three types:

  • Techniques, patterns and innovative methodologies to support collaborative modeling of the organization and its processes, the non-intrusive monitoring of IT systems and effective link between process models and information about their execution.
  • Development of prototype components of a platform enabling the testing and the empirically validation of models accuracy, tools, and methodology.
  • Downstream of the testing results and in-depth analysis of the local market and the definition a plan for the engineering and marketing of its solutions.
Sunday, 1 January, 2012 to Saturday, 31 August, 2013
18 months

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