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MoKi is a tool that supports the the creation of articulated enterprise models through structured wiki pages. Moki enables heterogeneous teams of experts, with different knowledge engineering skills, to actively collaborate by inserting knowledge; transforming knowledge; and revising knowledge at different degrees of formality.
The active collaboration is guaranteed by an automatic translation between formal and informal specifications of the different experts, and by facilitating an integrated construction of the different parts of the integrated model.

Main features:

  • Support for the construction of integrated domain and process model
  • Easy editing of a wiki page by means of formsAutomatic import and export in OWL and BPMN
  • Easy import of lists of elements organized according to predefined semantic structures (taxonomy or partonomy);
  • Term extraction functionalities
  • Graphical browsing/editing of the domain and process models
  • Fully-integrated models evaluation functionalities (models checklist and quality indicators)